Monday, March 4, 2013

Our Weekend

 cavalli stud farm / uva mira sundowners / starlight classics concert

Friday morning, David and I had the chance to visit Cavalli Stud Farm here in Stellenbosch. We have passed their beautiful farm many times and finally got to see just how gorgeous it really was! We met with Elra and Chad, the horse trainers, for a personal tour of the training facilities as well as the future restaurant site and other parts of the farm. This is a large scale version of David's dream for our place back home- a beautiful barn full of lovely horses and even a vineyard in the back!

Friday night we met with members of the Helderburg Sunrise Rotary Club for Sundowners at Uva Mira. The views at Uva Mira are absolutely stunning and we enjoyed good wine and great company as we watched the sun set over the cape mountains. 

We spent Saturday evening with our friends, Robert and Liz, at the Starlight Classics Concert at Vergelegen. This event was spectacular and we are so sad it only happens once a year. Starlight Classics is an open-air concert anchored by the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra and held on the Great Lawn at Vergelegen Estate. This years program had a great mix of classical and pop music and included popular artists and acts from South Africa- Cape Town Ballet and Choir, Idols 2010 winner, Elvis Blue and South Africa's Got Talent finalists- the PJ Twins- including many others.

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