Friday, March 15, 2013

Black & Bling- Rotary Race Night

This past weekend we attended Helderberg Sunrise Rotary's Race Night at the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West. The theme for the night was "Black and Bling" (none of which I brought with me) but thanks to my co-worker, Jean-Marie, I had a beautiful dress to wear and David looked as handsome as ever in his suit! 

The Race Night is a fundraiser for local charities in the area and this year the money went to support local animal services including Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha which provides the only permanent, on site veterinary services to the dogs and cats of the more than one million people who live in Khayelitsha.  
      Mdzananda Animal Welfare Clinic

The evening consisted of nine races in which the people attending had the chance to buy a horse, jockey or trainer as well as just place bets on the horses for each race. We had purchased a couple of jockeys and placed many bets but seemed to have a pretty unlucky evening. My method of picking a horse simply because of its name has yet to win big money for me!  : )

We had a wonderful time with the friends we have met through Rotary and are very thankful to have been paired with such an active Rotary Club, both socially and their involvement in the community.


  1. I'm gonna need you to update us on your adventures in South Africa! Miss y'all!!

    1. I know! I'm slacking off! I'm working on a post and hope to have it up soon! We miss y'all too!