Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Drive- Jonkershoek

This past Sunday we went for an afternoon drive around town and ended up out at the Jonkershoek Basin. Jonkershoek is just outside of Stellenbosch and is popular with the hikers and bikers alike.

We first stopped at the Jonkershoek Restaurant and had a peach “iced tea”. Hoping to get a little taste of home, we were a little disappointed to find that the ice tea came from a can! The quaint restaurant is in a small old church building and is known for their cakes and hot teas! We will have to make a trip back just for that! 

We decided to drive the 10 km circle in to the Jonkershoek basin. The scenery was incredible but we soon learned that its rugged terrain is more suitable for hiking or mountain biking and not so much for our small and low-to-the-ground car. 

We might have left half of the underside of our car in the middle of the rocky path but the view made up for that and then some! Next time we will just remember to take our bikes!

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  1. Gorgeous photos! South Africa looks so amazingly beautiful :)